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Moving to the UAE, avail of our attestation services for your degree, diploma’s and all other educational documents. If you are looking for a job opportunity in UAE, attest certificate before you even start looking to work in UAE.

When sponsoring your spouse in the UAE, your marriage certificate attestation for UAE, is mandatory. Let us help with your marriage certificate attestation in Dubai and marriage certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE.

When sponsoring your family in the UAE, your marriage & children’s birth certificate attestation for UAE, is mandatory. Let us help with your marriage and children’s birth certificate attestation in Dubai and marriage children’s birth certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE.

Our specialty is translating a document without losing any of the original tone or beauty of the document. We translate not just the words but the intent of the document as well. We offer translation services in Dubai and legal translation services in Dubai

MOFA Attestation in UAE is required for applying for a Resident permit through Labour Ministry in UAE. Foreign Ministry Attestation is required for getting a family Visa in Gulf countries like UAE, Saudi, …..

An Apostille is a simplified form of certifying international authenticated documents and is valid in countries which are party to the Apostille Convention……


In order to use any document issued from/ in UAE in a foreign country, a document will require a MOFA stamp by the UAE ministry of foreign affairs. This is followed by the destination country’s embassy/consulate in Dubai or Abu Dhabi……

Should you require to attest personal documents such as good conduct certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate , medical certificate , POA’s or school transfer certificates, we will be happy to guide you with information and assist with the attestation.

Why US?

The best way to attest certificates after moving into the UAE is to sign up with the most reliable attestation service, GloboPrime. We have a proven track record in attesting documents of all types. With the assistance of our expert team, you can rest assured that your document attestation is done with high-level of professionalism while you settle into a new lifestyle, home or a job in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere else in the UAE


  • FREE Document Collection and Delivery

    You can order free document delivery and collection from the comfort of your home, within Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We guarantee you a hassle-free experience, and we will deliver your attested certificates to your doorstep

  • All Types of Document Attestation

    Our UAE attestation services attests all documents required to be used in UAE. i.e. degree, diploma, marriage & birth certificates, divorce and death certificates, POA, school transfer certificates etc

  • Best Courier Service for the Safety of Your Documents

    We use only the best courier in town who ensure your documents are safe during transit and collected or delivered within the time frames

  • 100% Reliable UAE Attestation Services

    You can count on us to complete the attestation of your documents on-time or even before no matter where your documents originate from, GloboPrime delivers as promised.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    We guarantee 100% accurate attestation, or we promise to refund you the full amount paid to attest your certificate.

  • Transparent Dealing

    If you are unsure about the type of attestation you need, feel free to contact our team. We will confirm whether your documents are eligible for authentication or not before we commit.

  • Status Checks and Updates

    We will send you regular updates so that you are well-informed about the status of your certificates.

  • Our Clients

    We work closely with Fortune 500 & multinational companies. We cater to all verticals of industries, i.e., management consultancies, law firms, educational institutions, recruitment firms, etc. to attest certificates of various types.


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Our Client's Say

  • The GloboPrime team made my transition to Dubai faster and smoother than I could have done by myself. They were responsive and patient and reassuring every step of the way.

    Sara Jurkowsky

  • Globoprime delivers a very efficient service. They had my documents attested in Australia and Holland in record time. I also really appreciate their prompt and clear communication by phone, email and text during the process. Many thanks.

    Luke Zimmermann

  • I had my marriage certificate attested with Globoprime. The original document was picked up from my apartment by Donna who was extremely efficient and helpful. I was very impressed by the service I received and would highly recommend Globoprime to anyone wishing to attest documents.


  • I have worked in customer service all my life, including top 5 star hotels and I have to tell you please keep what you are doing up, it is impressive

    Turkey Client Reviews

    Ammar Sabah

  • Thank you and Donna on the rapid turnaround of this job and your excellent service!

    Nish Chande

  • Thanks GloboPrime, appreciate your support on getting back! Cheers.

    Amit Jamndas

    Operation Manager
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