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BVI Document Attestation is the procedure by which an official document, issued by a foreign public authority, is rendered legally valid in BVI. Document issued in BVI must be presented for authorities abroad, you can ask the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to legalize the document. 

The most common documents attested are BVI degree certificates, certificates of civil status (marriage, birth, and death certificates), diplomas, police clearance certificates, and affidavits. Legalization allows a BVI document to be used abroad or a foreign document that is attested at the home country of the document to be used in BVI.

The United Arab Emirates will usually require documents that originate in BVI to be legalised prior to them being used in the UAE. The purpose of legalisation is to authenticate the signature and certify the position of the authority that has issued the document.

  • The stages of attestation services for UAE in BVI include a sworn translation followed by attestation at the Foreign Affairs in UK. The last step is the UAE Embassy attestation in UK.
  • Once the certificate attestation for UAE is completed in Finland, the document is returned to us in UAE to further get the UAE attestation services done locally.

BVI is the part of Hague convention countries so, the documents issued from BVI only need to be stamped with an “apostille Stamp” by the issuing state’s authorities in order to be valid in the state of destination of Hague convention countries the authentication or apostille stamp can then be issued by the  BVI Ministry of Foreign Affairs . It verifies the authenticity of the signature so this document we can use globally. 

GloboPrime can provide BVI certificate attestation for UAE and any other country globally. 

BVI Document Attestation Through GloboPrime

Certificate of Good Standing

Our Certificate attestation services takes your Certificate of good standing and legalizes it for UAE. Let us help you…contact us on …

BVI Memorandum and Articles of Association

Need a BVI Memorandum and article of association certificate attestation for UAE OR apostilled for any country? Our specialization is just that…contact us on…

Certificate of Incorporation

Need a BVI certificate of incorporation for UAE OR apostilled for any country? Our specialization is just that…contact us on…

BVI Company Search/ Registry Extract

Need any other BVI document attestation service for UAE OR apostilled for any country? Our specialization is just that…contact us on…

Types of BVI Company document attestation services for UAE

Different procedure of educational degree certificate attestation of Finland for UAE:

We can supply Apostilled BVI company documents, they are certified by the Registry of Corporate Affairs and after which we obtain an Apostille certificate.

The Apostille certificate is issued by the Deputy Governor’s Office, which certifies the authenticity of the document.

The following company documents are available Apostilled in the BVI, Apostille/Legalised by the BVI Deputy Governor’s Office

  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Company Search/ Registry Extract – this has to be notarised before it can be Apostilled

This Apostille involves the addition of a certificate attached to the document which is called legalisation and certifies:

  • Country of origin of the company document
  • Name and identity of the signature – capacity in which a document has been signed
  • Official seal – Name of authority which has affixed a seal or stamp to the document
  • Place, date and company document number

These are the main steps one has to follow to get a Degree / Diploma certificate done in Finland for UAE

BVI Document Attestation Procedure for UAE:

  • Attestation at the Ministry of Education or notary in BVI
  • Attestation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UK or an Apostille
  • Attestation at the Embassy or Consulate in London
  • Attestation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE.

Renewal of BVI Company documents for use in UAE.

The company needs to meet the above requirements for the renewal. Our partner can assist with meeting the requirement. if we are not the registered agent for the company in question, we cannot arrange for the Certificate of Incumbency and Board Resolutions to be notarized and apostilled. This would need to be done by the company’s Registered Agent. 

In essence, the requirements of the law are as follows:

1) the activities of the company should be managed in the BVI (meaning that physically in the BVI meetings of the company’s board should be regularly held (there must be a quorum); all documents must be stored in the BVI;

2) depending on the scale of activity, the company should hire a sufficient number of adequately trained and qualified personnel who are physically located in the BVI (the law does not stipulate a specific number of employees, this depends on the scale of the company)

3) incurred (adequate to the scale of a particular business) expenses on BVI;

4) an office was rented in the BVI (again, corresponding to the scale of a particular business)

BVI Certificate Attestation Procedure for UAE:

  • Attestation at the Ministry of Education or notary in BVI
  • Attestation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (mofa) or an Apostille 
  • Attestation at the Embassy or Consulate in London
  • Attestation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE.

Procedure of Commercial certificate attestation of BVI for UAE:

GloboPrime can provide certificate attestation for UAE for all commercial documents, If you are planning to setup an offshore parent company or setting up a Foreign branch of your company in UAE. The most commonly attested set of documents are Certificate of Incorporation, Board Resolution, Power of Attorney, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Shareholder’s certificate etc.

It is imperative to check with the respective licensing authority in UAE of what the requirements are prior to commencing the attestation process. This would save time and money. Our best advice is to check with a lawyer or law firm. They are your best sought after people when you are about to start up. Their advise protects your interests.

UAE Attestation Services  – Simple, Quick, 


Step 1: Authentication by respective Chamber of Commerce;

Step 2: Attestation by Ministry of External Affairs (London)

Step 3: Attestation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in BVI

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How can GloboPrime help with the BVI attestation services?

  • Send us a copy of your certificate
  • We check and confirm if the document is valid and can be attested as per your requirement
  • We provide you a comprehensive service proposal
  • Once approved, we will arrange a courier collection of your certificate
  • We send your document/s to our service partner using a secure courier service
  • We provide regular updates at each step of the attestation
  • Process the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE
  • Deliver your documents

We attest police clearance certificates and/or any document that requires to be used in the UAE.  We provide attestation services from over 93 Countries worldwide and Attestation is sometimes referred to as legalisation. 

List of BVI documents authentication we can assist you with!

BVI Educational Certificate Attestation

  • BVI Degree Certificate Attestation
  • BVI Diploma Certificate attestation
  • BVI B.Tech Certificate attestation
  • BVI Nursing Certificate attestation
  • BVI PHD Certificate Attestation
  • BVI MBA Certificate Attestation
  • BVI M.Ed Certificate Attestation

BVI Personal Document Attestation

  • BVI Experience Certificate
  • BVI Marriage Certificate Attestation
  • BVI Birth Certificate Attestation
  • BVI Death Certificate Attestation
  • BVI Medical Certificate Attestation
  • BVI PCC Certificate Attestation
  • BVI School Transfer Certificate Attestation

BVI Commercial Document Attestation

  • Attesting BVI Memorandum of Association
  • Attesting BVI Certificate of Incorporation
  • Attesting BVI Articles of Association
  • Attesting BVI Special Power of Attorney
  • Attesting BVI Board Resolution
  • Attesting BVI Agency Agreements
  • Attesting BVI Power of Attorney