Whats is UAE Equivalency Certificate

Equivalency certificate UAE

Equivalency certification is the process by which the Ministry of Education in the UAE endorses the educational qualification and confirms that the education is equal to UAE standards. It involves a few steps of certificate attestation at government departments in the country of origin of the document as well as in the UAE.

Candidates looking to secure an equivalency certificate must follow a stringent procedure to get the final attestation done on their degree to apply for an equivalency certificate. With the assistance of GloboPrime, rest assured that our expert advise will help immensely, along with the timely attestation of your documents for submission to Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR)

Why does it require an equivalency certificate, and how do I obtain one?

A candidate who has completed their studies at schools, colleges, and universities outside the UAE must present a certificate of Equivalency for certain Job(s) CATEGORIES like doctors, Professors, banking staff etc and to enroll for higher studies in the UAE.   

Obtaining an equivalency certificate is a multi-step process that requires careful attention to details. Getting a document attested demands expertise and a full understanding of the procedures involved.

GloboPrime, with its experience in handling the attestation of certificates, will provide you with the attested documents in a timely manner to ensure your equivalency certificate application is lodged quickly.

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Equivalency certificate procedure in UAE

Prior to the submission of your documents for equivalency and attestation, you should ensure you have the original documents.

Applicants who finished their tertiary education abroad in the United Arab Emirates must receive an equivalency certificate from the UAE Ministry of Education.

The main steps involved in this procedure are:

Document Requirements

  • Original certificate(s) along with transcripts
  • Passport copy
  • UAE Visa copy
  • Declaration form
  • Power of Attorney (if required)
Note : Issuing of Certificate Equivalency is controlled fully by the UAE Ministry of Education’s Higher Education Affairs Division.


  • The first step is registering online at moe.gov.ae under MOE Eservices—Service Catalog and getting a registration number. For a detailed list of the requirements and documents, visit www.moe.gov.ae under the Certificate Equivalency section, contact 80051115, or email equ.corr@moe.gov.ae.
  • Applicants have to prepare and attest all the required university and high school certificates and transcripts before leaving their home country and/or the country in which they graduated.
  • For information about university certificates and transcript attestations, please see the section Required Attestations.
  • Equivalency applications have to be submitted in person in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Applicants are encouraged to visit the UAE and submit their applications at least one month prior to the first day of class.
  • Applicants who have applied for a Certificate of Equivalency but have not concluded the Equivalency process by the time of registration would be given the chance to register for the first semester, provided that they sign the Graduate Admission Contract. Applicants selecting this option must present a copy of the MOHE Application Receipt.

Getting your educational credentials verified through Qudrabay for Ministry of Education (MOE) equivalency in the UAE:

  • Make sure all your educational documents, like transcripts, diplomas, and certificates, are scanned and certified as original copies. The scans or digital copies submitted to Qudrabay should be clear and legible.
  • Translate any documents that are not in Arabic or English into one of those languages using approved translation services. The translations also need to be certified.
  • Get all your documents attested before uploading them to Qudrabay. This includes attestations from the institution, the Ministry of Education of the country, the UAE embassy, and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Double check that the copies you upload to Qudrabay match your original physical documents exactly. Any discrepancies will delay the process.
  • Provide complete information in your Qudrabay application, including your personal details, academic history, and scans of all relevant documents. Incomplete applications are rejected.
  • For education obtained abroad, Qudrabay will send your details and documents to the MOE Dataflow team. They verify credentials directly with the awarding institutes. This can take time.
  • After uploading documents to Qudrabay, follow up regularly on the status and respond promptly if they request any additional information or clarification.

Kindly note that the process may vary depending on the document and the laws of the origin & destination countries. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs may be replaced by an Apostille if the origin or destination countries are part of the Hague Convention of 1961.

Original certificates may not be required for some countries.

Acceptance or rejection of documents is solely based on the discretion of the government authorities concerned. Furthermore, the requirements and processes may vary from time to time depending on the government department’s policies, terms, and conditions.

What is the reason for my equivalency rejection in the UAE?

5 common reasons for equivalency rejection?

  1. Make sure all the required attestation of the documents are finished.
  2. If your university is not listed in MOE they will reject your documents.
  3. Submit all your supporting documents like Genuity letter, Entry and exit status report, etc.
  4. MOE won’t accept any distance studies or online educational documents.
  5. Make sure your details in the passport should be the same as your educational documents.

Foreign educational documents must be attested from the Ministry of foreign affairs of UAE which is  the last step in the process. Ministry of foreign affairs UAE will demand a UAE Embassy stamp from the country of origin. Once the attestation process is completed the document must be submitted in the Ministry of education along with other sets of the document for approval.

Type of document and the country of document origin determines the process. Some countries allow copies to be attested.

Submission at Ministry of Education or MOHESR (Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research) can be done after certificate attestation is completed.


OFFICE NO: 411 Abdulla Al Fahad Building 2 – near Al Twar Centre – Al Qusais 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Documents are to be attested as per specific requirements of Ministry of Education / MOHESR  authorities.

MOFA UAE is the final government authority who stamp a non-UAE certificates intended to be used in UAE. It is a mandated step for Equivalency certificate.

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