Various Embassy/Consulate Attestation in UAE

According to the UAE laws, any document or certificate which is issued by a foreign state must be attested before they are recognized as valid in the Emirates. You must go through the attestation process which requires a number of authorities to affix their seals on your certificates. There are different types of documents that need attestation by different authorities, for example: 

Personal Document Attestation ​

Educational Certificates

To attest your educational documents, your degree certificate will go through Legal Translation, then to the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at last to the issuing country Embassy in the UAE

  • India Degree Certificate
  • USA Degree Certificate
  • UK Degree Certificate
  • Australia Degree Certificate
  • Canada Degree Certificate
  • New Zealand Degree Certificate
  • South Africa Degree Certificate
  • Malaysia Degree Certificate
  • Hong Kong Degree Certificate
  • Singapore Degree Certificate
  • France Degree Certificate
  • Germany Degree Certificate
  • Jordan Degree Certificate
  • Lebanon Degree Certificate

Non-Educational Certificates

To certify your other personal documents in the UAE, first, your documents need to go through the legal translation, then we take them to the notary and finally to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Your personal documents may include:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Experience Certificate
  • Good conduct Certificate
  • POA Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Medical Report Certificate

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GloboPrime can help you attest your baby’s birth certificate at the Ministry of Health (MOH) followed by translation and attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

  • The local Arabic Birth Certificate (Attested by the Ministry of Health)
  • The English translated Birth Certificate (Attested by the Ministry of Health and Foreign Affairs)

You will have to initiate the  certificate attestation in Dubai process so that your kids can get a much-needed passport and visa. Furthermore, if you would like your kids to be schooled in the UAE; you must get their birth certificates attested. 

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