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UAE Mofa open book an appointment for attestation services at the department of Ministry of foreign affairs.

UAE Mofa has declared people looking for Ministry of foreign affairs attestation for a wide range of categories like Educational certificates, Birth and death certificates, power of attorney, and other documents issued within UAE and outside the country and get certificate accreditation at the UAE embassy department can do so with mofa attestation appointment booking on the ministry of foreign affairs website for their physical attendance at the MOFA office.

GloboPrime can book the appointment for Mofa Attestation for degree /diploma certificate, birth/marriage certificate, or any other legalization services. Currently, the UAE Mofa attestation service is only available at MOFA Office.

To get your documents attested you can visit the Ministry yourself or delegate the work to a reliable and reputable company who will complete the attestations for you at a nominal price. Prompt Attestation Services is located near the diplomatic area close by to many embassies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which reinforces the timely service we promise.

Reference: Mofa online submit the documents and fees and bring the receipt along with certificates to the UAE Mofa of UAE, Consular Section directly for attestation.

Note: According to MOFA Guidelines, the visitor must, including wearing of facemask and maintaining social distancing

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MOFA Attestation Online

MOFA Attestation in UAE is required for applying for a Resident permit through Labour Ministry in UAE. Foreign Ministry Attestation is required for getting a family Visa in Gulf countries like UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain. Embassy attestation is the pre-requirement to get a Foreign Ministry Attestation from Abroad.

To get your documents attested by MOFA in Dubai, These are the following procedure.

  1. Online Registration and  Open the MOFAIC Attestation Account.
  2. Apply and Submit a copy of the document for Mofa Attestation Services On the website.
  3. Online verification and Validation. 
  4. After the confirmation from the Ministry of foreign affairs 
  5. Get your documents attested.

Documents required for  UAE MOFA attestation:

  • Original certificate
  • Passport copy

Please note: For MOFA attestation, the original document needs to be pre-authenticated first by the respective HRD/HD, MEA & UAE Embassy/Consulate.


mofa online attestation for business


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  • Birth and Marriage certificates
  • Divorce contracts attestation
  • Educational certificates
  • Death certificates attestation
  • Powers of attorney attestation
  • Commercial contracts and invoices attestation
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs(mofa), an government Department in some countries which is responsible for foreign affairs attestation.

it’s takes anywhere between 2-3 working days.

Not a problem. If you have a any document and it is laminated, we will skillfully remove the lamination on the back of the document and affix the stamps. The certificate attestation is done on the original.

Not to worry, GloboPrime will provide a legal translation of the degree certificate in English / Arabic before MOFA attestation or even after completing the attestation. Rest assured you are in safe hands.

In most cases of attestation services, we ALWAYS require the original certificate. For some countries the UAE embassy attestation is done on a notarised copy and NOT the original.

In some cases the attestation will be done on the original degree certificate.

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We have partnered with the world’s most reliable courier company, DHL international to make sure all the documents are handled professionally and safely delivered to our clients.

GloboPrime has been nationally recognized and trusted by local and multinational companies for Degree certificate attestation in Dubai.

If you would like to initiate the process for degree certificate attestation for UAE, call us today.   

If you require to attest your degree for the UAE, it’s a simple process. Depending from country to country, your degree certificate may require to be reissued from the university / college and have a validity of not more than 3 months old as per the UAE embassy requirement.

UAE MOFA attested documents sample

MOFA UAE Attested document sample