KHDA Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) certificate attestation of educational documents awarded by schools, universities, and other institutes in UAE, If your institutes are not licensed by KHDA in Dubai. You have to do the attestation/authentication from your home country of University, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mofa) in the home country, then the UAE embassy in the home country then the final attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.

Getting your UAE-issued degree attested by KHDA then your qualification acceptable to all companies in UAE, as well as universities for higher education.

There are 62 higher educational institutions are there in UAE

KHDA Online School Certificate Attestation Service in Dubai!

Khda department made school certificate attestation services available online to save you time and effort now Globoprime does the attestation on a copy of your certificate we no longer need your original certificate to proceed with KHDA Attestation. Now attestation and quick and easy to use, KHDA online services will benefit parents, students, teachers, education providers and our wider education community in Dubai.

KHDA attestation procedure

We can now get students’ school certificates or transcripts attested online by KHDA. If you are confused with the KHDA attestation process you’re on the right place, we’ll create a KHDA account for you and we will take care of all hassle for you, We will fill in the online form for attestation, you just sit back and wait for the attested certificate to be emailed to you.

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Original certificate is required for KHDA attestation.

Submission at Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) more details visit:

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is in charge of Dubai’s private education School certificate attestation.

KHDA UAE is the first step government authority who stamp a UAE issued certificates intended to be used in UAE. It is a mandated step for Equivalency certificate.

KHDA Degree certificates cost AED 150 per document

• It will take two business days. The school will need to review and authorize the certificate.

• Once the certificate has been approved, you must pay fees before downloading the attested certificate.

List of KHDA documents authentication we can assist you with!

Educational KHDA Certificate Attestation

KHDA School Certificate Attestation

Document university Attestation