Dubai Work Visa

To work in Dubai, you will require a living arrangement visa, work card, and wellbeing card. In the wake of accomplishing a work visa, you are permitted to remain in Dubai for a long time. To achieve a living arrangement or work visa, you should be supported either based on the responsibility for in the UAE or a business contract with and manager in Dubai. Before getting a residency grant, candidates must pass a wellbeing check. On the off chance that an individual is seen as experiencing HIV/AIDS, hepatitis or pneumonic tuberculosis, he/she won’t be conceded a residency visa and will be promptly ousted.

For endorsement of a work Dubai Visa you should meet the accompanying prerequisites:

· Your visa must have the legitimacy of at any rate a half-year

· Your visa must not have an Israel stamp

· Only late shaded photos are acknowledged with a white foundation

· A duplicate of your identification

· Academic capability might be required, for example, a post-optional recognition or a college degree. A duplicate of the capability ought to be validated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be joined. Your office ought to verify the authentication before submitting to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In the event that you have entered Dubai with a visit visa and might want to get a residency or work, then you ought to get a trial work license which is legitimate for as long as a quarter of a year from the Ministry of Labor. On the off chance that you proceed without a work license while on a visit, you will either be fined, imprisoned or expelled.

One should drop their work visa before leaving the nation for all time. On the off chance that one doesn’t end the work he/she may confront the danger of being accounted for as an absconder and could be captured in the event that they come back to UAE.

In the event that you leave without paying his obligations or resolve any remarkable bodies of evidence against you might be captured on coming back to Dubai. You may get prohibited from working in Dubai in the event that you end a boundless work contract before finishing one year of administration or on the off chance that you end a restricted work contract before its date of expiry.

Work Visa Requirement for UAE.

Organizations need to apply for a worker’s work visa. Visa length and legitimacy are dependent upon the conditions of the business contract

Requirements: Passports must be legitimate for in any event a half year at the hour of section to the UAE and just late shading photos (Non-Polaroid) with a white foundation will be acknowledged. The individuals who are as of now in the UAE can apply for a difference in status while still in the nation, or they can leave the UAE and return.


  • Israeli citizens will be denied a visa.
  • Public display of romantic affections in Dubai is banned.
  • Don’t drink alcohol in public places once in Dubai.
  • Iranian & Bangladeshi citizens may face few difficulties for visa.

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List of Visa Services we can assist you with!


You can apply for visas through the government website of Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship-ICA or the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) which works under the service. While ICA offers just online channels, GDRFA offers both on the web and disconnected channels.

There are the online portal for applying for entry permits:

  • the eChannels portal
  • the website of GDRFA
  • the mobile apps.

you can also take assistance from any visa services provider

  1. 30 Days Tourist Visa  (multiple entry) – 650 AED
  2. 90 Days Tourist Visa (Long term) – 700 AED
  3.  90 Days Tourist Visa (multiple entry) – 1700 AED

UAE Visa processing time is approximately 2 to 4 working days.