Attestation of Degree Certificates for UAE

The attestation of a degree certificate for the UAE is one of the conditions for obtaining a work visa in the UAE. This is also done in other GCC nations.

What is the concept of attestation?

The authentication of a certificate’s signature or the certification of its genuineness by approved departments is referred to as attestation.

What is the best way to attest?

You’ll need attestation on a lot of documents if you’re moving abroad for a job, especially if you’re moving with your family. For example, a certificate of graduation, post-graduation, or diploma, a marriage and birth certificate, a child’s school transfer certificate, a previous year’s class graduation certificate, a work experience certificate, and so on. As a result, attestation is needed to prove the authenticity of a text.

A number of authentications will be performed on the text. The following is a list of the general measures involved:

  • Notarization in the country of origin
  • Attestation from the local district/state department
  • Attestation from the Ministry of Education
  • The home country’s Foreign Affairs Ministry
    Embassy of the country of destination
  • The destination country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Foreigners who want to work in the UAE must have legitimate passports that are valid for at least six months. 
Degree credentials received outside of the UAE must be authenticated.

You can pay via a bank transfer when we commence the process and issue you an invoice

You can also pay via credit card provided you are based in Dubai since we have a hand-held machine

For most UK degrees, it’s takes anywhere between 6-15 working days. This is because we have 3 types of service for UK document attestation

If you have an Indian degree, the typical time frame to attest for UAE is 12 working days, if you choose to attest the document via Mumbai Mantralaya rather than STATE HRD. STATE HRD takes longer and is more expensive but is the correct way of authentication.

Typically for most European degrees, the time frame is between 3-4 weeks.

For Canadian degree attestation for UAE is about 2 weeks in total.

US document UAE embassy attestation in Washington takes about 15 working days, but we also have an Express service to complete the full attestation in 12 working days.

Australian document attestation is roughly 10 working days for the entire process.

Not a problem. If you have an Indian document and it is laminated, our Indian service partner will skillfully remove the lamination on the back of the document and affix the stamps. The certificate attestation is done on the original.

If your degree certificate belongs to Europe, UK, Canada, Australia etc, most of these countries attest only a notarised copy of your certificate and not the original, hence its fine if the document is laminated , as long as you submit us the Original certificate at the time of the requirement for attestation services.

Not to worry, GloboPrime will provide a legal translation of the degree certificate in English / Arabic before attestation or even after completing the attestation. Rest assured you are in safe hands.

In most cases of attestation services, we ALWAYS require the original document. For some countries the UAE embassy attestation is done on a notarised copy and NOT the original.

In some cases the attestation will be done on the original degree certificate.

Have more questions? Mail us on or call on 056-4625222.

We have partnered with the world’s most reliable courier company, DHL international to make sure all the documents are handled professionally and safely delivered to our clients.

GloboPrime has been nationally recognized and trusted by local and multinational companies for Degree certificate attestation in Dubai.

If you would like to initiate the process for degree certificate attestation for UAE, call us today.   

If you require to attest your degree for the UAE, it’s a simple process. Depending from country to country, your degree certificate may require to be reissued from the university / college and have a validity of not more than 3 months old as per the UAE embassy requirement.


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