CDA license Dubai

Get CDA licensed to practice social work in the UAE and make a difference in the lives of others!

The Community Development Authority (CDA) was founded in July 2008 in UAE. CDA is responsible for establishing and evolving an outline for social development, and its sole purpose is to achieve the goals outlined in the Dubai Strategic Plans.

CDA is responsible for implementing policies, restraints, and standards for social services providers. Furthermore, the CDA aims to strengthen Dubai society members and residents, enabling them to participate positively in social development and providing them with a variety of social services, this includes UAE nationals and residents, government authorities, business partners, and volunteers.


Cda license sample

Different type of services for CDA Licensing for Social Professionals

New License for professionals

As of January 1st, 2021, all professionals working in the private sector who wish to provide communitybased care services in the Emirate of Dubai must apply for a twoyear renewable license issued by the Community Development Authority.


Renew License for professionals

At least 60 days before the end of their license, all professionals in the social sector must apply for renewal of their CDA license.


Modify License for Professionals

I would like to request an amendment to my social profession license that includes the name of my establishment and a personal picture.


Cancel License for Professionals

When an employee leaves their job permanently and vacates the facility they worked in, they must apply to have their license revoked.


What are the criteria if applying for CDA licensing for Social Worker?

A Bachelor degree in social work from within the UAE. OR if studied abroad, a foreign BACHELOR degree in social work from outside of UAE, which has a certificate of equivalency from the Ministry of Education in the UAE. Attestation of degree from the country of origin (if studied outside of UAE) Bachelor’s Degree/ Masters in Psychology, SPED, Education, Social Worker. Have at least 1 year of relevant experience. Must be excellent in the English Language.


What documentation is required for the CDA licensing?

  • Certificate of equivalency of the highest scientific certificate, whether bachelor, master or doctorate from the Ministry of Education in UAE is a must. GloboPrime can assist with the equivalency process refer our certificate of equivalency page.
  • Secondly an electronic copy of verification of academic qualifications and practical experience from the employer through verification procedures or otherwise called Dataflow. GloboPrime can assist with dataflow.
  • Duly completed copy of Community Development Authority application form with signature of authorization letter 
  • copy of valid passport of the customer from outside country 
  • copy of last academic degree
  • copy of the license to practice the profession (if any) 
  • copy of experience certificate(s) for the last three years 
  • copy of community development authority social profession license application form 
  • copy of high-quality personal image – size (4 x 5 cm)
  • copy of academic grades 
  • copy of transcript 
  • copy of the equivalency report issued by the UAE Ministry of Education for the highest academic degree 
  • copy of experience letter for the last three years (if any)
  • copy of the certificate of good conduct issued by Dubai police (if the residence is in Dubai) or from the police department in the concerned emirate
  • copy of certificate of good conduct issued by the country of residence (if he resides in Dubai for less than 6 months) 

copy of data flow report  


What are the criteria if applying for CDA licensing of a social therapist?

There are 4 categories under Social Therapist:

  • Psychologist or Psychotherapist
  • Assistant Psychologist
  • Behavioural Analyst
  • Assistant Behavioural Analyst
  • Psychologist or Psychotherapist – Master’s degree in the various fields of Psychology
  • Assistant Psychologist – Bachelor degree in Psychology (can work only under supervision of a licensed Psychologist)
  • Behavioural Analyst – Master’s degree in Psychology or education with Behavioural analysis specialization
  • Assistant Behavioural Analyst– Bachelor degree in Psychology or Education or Nursing with applied behaviour analysis program.



The CDA license allows an opportunity for educationalists working with children from birth to age 5 to demonstrate and strengthen their knowledge, understanding, and practices when teaching in early education. CDA license also helps advance your career, meet job requirements, reiterate your commitment to early childhood education, provide parents with peace of mind, understand developmentally appropriate practice and lastly not forgetting to increase your confidence


All specialists working in the private sector who wish to provide community-based care services in Dubai must apply for a two-year renewable license issued by the Community Development Authority.


Social worker, Social therapist, Behaviour Analyst, Behavioural analyst assistant, Psychologist, Assistant Psychologist, Social guide, Special Education, Special Education Teacher, Learning Support Assistant


Psychologists, such as psychotherapists or behavioural psychologists, should seek a licence from the CDA under the category of “social therapist”.


All expats applying to be a licensed psychologist in UAE for a professional license must sit for an examination. The exam is held every three months. You will be contacted by a CDA licensing representative to inform you of the exam date and preparation material.


As a minimum you should have a Master’s degree in counselling or psychology. You should also hold a license from CDA (Community Development Authority), DHCC or DHA.


A Master degree in Special Education or a bachelor degree in special education with a minimum of 5 years of experience in the field.


 A Bachelor’s degree in Special Education or Bachelor’s degree in Education or Behavioural Science.


A Master degree in Counselling or Psychology or education with specialisation in counselling


If you studied in the UAE then a Master degree in Education, psychology or relevant disciplines from a Ministry of Education accredited university in UAE is necessary. OR if studied abroad, a foreign Master degree in Education, psychology or relevant discipline from outside of UAE, which has a certificate of equivalency from the Ministry of Education in the UAE.