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Birth Certificate Attestation Services in UAE

Birth Certificate Attestation Services in UAE

Birth certificate attestation in UAE is mandatory. Your child’s birth certificate has to be verified with an official sign and stamp from the local UAE issuing authority for him/her to be eligible for a residency visa and school admissions.

Before you opt for birth certificate attestation in Dubai, make sure you choose a reliable and fast service provider, to avoid any glitches in the attestation process. GloboPrime is a trusted certificate attestation service provider in the UAE. Therefore, we guarantee 100% accurate and reliable birth certificate attestation in UAE for your newborn baby. Your little one sure deserves the best of everything from the start. While you welcome the new family member and make beautiful memories, we will take care of all the paperwork. To enhance your experience with Globoprime, we will also collect and deliver the attested birth certificate to your home, at no additional cost. 

Document Requirements for Birth Certificate Attestation

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  • Both Parent’s ORIGINAL Passports and a valid UAE residence visa (we will give you a signed receipt for this)
  • Both Parent’s Original Emirates ID
  • ORIGINAL Marriage Certificate attested in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE
  • ORIGINAL Birth Notification (this is just a print-out with the Hospital’s stamp on it)


GloboPrime can translate your marriage certificate into English or Arabic. In case your original document is not in Arabic or English, you will have to pay a small translation fee, before presenting them for marriage certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

GloboPrime can help you attest your baby’s birth certificate at the Ministry of Health (MOH) followed by translation and attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

  • The local Arabic Birth Certificate (Attested by the Ministry of Health)
  • The English translated Birth Certificate (Attested by the Ministry of Health and Foreign Affairs)

You will have to initiate the birth certificate attestation in UAE process so that your kids can get a much-needed passport and visa. Furthermore, if you would like your kids to be schooled in the UAE; you must get their birth certificates attested. 

There is no fixed price of birth certificate attestation in Dubai. However, we have the best affordable rates. Just email us with your documents, and you will get an instant quote.


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