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UK Document attestation for UAE is a process of document authentication observed by international governments. If you intend to use a document overseas then local authorities require it to be legalized before it can be considered valid. Each country has its own legalisation requirements determined by the type of document being legalized and its intended use.

You can get certain official UK documents ‘legalised’ by GloboPrime attestation services.

You might need to do this if an official in another country has asked you to provide a UK document and they’ve said it must be legalised.

The Legalization Office will check the document, including whether the signature, stamp or seal is genuine. They’ll legalize the document by attaching a stamped official certificate to it.

You cannot get documents issued outside the UK legalized using this service – get them legalized in the home country they were the document issued.

UAE Embassy Address: Legalisation Office
Norfolk House West
437 Silbury, Boulevard
Milton Keynes, MK9 2AH 

Document Attestation Through GloboPrime

Retrieval of birth marriage and death certificates from UK

  • We can retrieve the birth / marriage, certificate, adoption, civil partnership and death certificates from the General Register Office in UK
  • GRO has all the records registered in England and Wales from July 1837
  • If you need the certificate sooner, you can use the express service
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    Degree Certificate Attestation

    Our attestation services takes your UK degree or diploma and legalizes it for UAE. Let us help you…contact us on …

    UK Marriage Certificate Attestation

    Need a UK marriage certificate attestation for UAE OR apostilled for any country? Our specialization is just that…contact us on…

    UK Birth
    Certificate Attestation

    Need a UK birth certificate attestation for UAE OR apostilled for any country? Our specialization is just that…contact us on…

    Any Other Document Attestation

    Need any other UK document attestation service for UAE OR apostilled for any country? Our specialization is just that…contact us on…

    We provide 3 types of services for UK documents for the UAE: UK Certificate attestation
    Equivalency certificate & Dataflow verification for all educational documents

    UK Certificate Attestation

    We can help you receive certificate attestation for your UK certificate from the relevant embassy in the nation where you want to relocate for work or personal reasons. you can avail our standard service. Within 18 working days you will receive your attested UK documents. This time frame includes the shipping as well. For this service.

    Equivalency Certificate

    The three key steps in the equivalence certificate process for UK papers are given below. Legalization and cultural attache verification are the first steps in applying for UK Documents Equivalency. All certificates requiring UAE Attestation and presented to the Consulate Section of the UAE Embassy for Legalization must first be authenticated by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) or another appropriate local authority.

    Dataflow verification UK

    With specialised Primary Source Verification, degree equivalency, background screening, and immigration compliance solutions, we offer dataflow verification for UK documents. With our in-depth and comprehensive verification of candidates' work and educational qualifications, we can provide you with peace of mind.

    How to attest a UK document for UAE embassy

    Scope of service for Marriage /Birth Certificate Attestation

    • Attestation at the FCO (Foreign Commonwealth Office
    • Attestation at the UAE embassy in London
    • Attestation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE
    • We provide Standard & Express attestation service for UK non-educational document attestation for UAE

    Scope of service for degree attestation uk

    • Notarisation from notary public from UK (if you require the attestation on a copy)
    • Attestation at the  Foreign Commonwealth Office(FCO)
    • Attestation at the UAE embassy in London
    • Attestation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE

    Marriage & birth certificate attestation for UAE

    1. For all UK Marriage certificate attestation for UAE and UK birth certificate attestation for UAE and all other non educational documents we require the original documents.

    2. UK Marriage certificate , birth certificate and any other document that is with the Registrar’s office can be applied for from the below link :  Alternately, if you require our help to retrieve a document, you can provide us information and we will retrieve, attest and deliver as required in the UAE /or in UK

    Marriage Certificate

    UK Document Legalisation Services Offered:

    • Apostille: An Apostille is a stamp that ensures the authenticity of your official documents. Apostilles are issued by The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) certifying your documents as genuine and are required by the following countries.
    • Legalisation: When the country in which you intend to use your document has not signed the Apostille Treaty, a legalisation is required. Whichever process you need VisaCentral can arrange all stages of your legalisation process.
    • Translations: In some countries the government authorities will require that documents be translated. We can translate your documents from any language to any language in order to be used by the appropriate embassy or government agency.
    • Notarization: Notarization is almost a MUST in all cases where a document requires attestation services. In order to keep the original intact, a notarised copy is always best to attest. Notarisation is nothing but a document that is verified as authentic facts set out in a document . We provide notarization services to comply and safeguard your important documents are for it to be considered valid and legal.

    How can GloboPrime help with the UK attestation services?

    The uk attestation process can be confusing. Our team of dedicated consular / legalisation agents are highly experienced in the varying different legalisation requirements for different embassies from over 94+ countries when it comes to legalisation of Uk documents, we can make the process as and as quick as possible for our customers. We can even arrange certification or notarisation of your documents if you require!

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    Call Us : 042394809

    List of UK Documents we can assist you with!

    UK Educational Certificate Attesatation

    UK Personal Document Attestation

    UK Commercial Document Attestation