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Indonesian certificate attestation is a process that allows an Indonesian document to be used abroad. The most common documents attested are Indonesian degree certificates, certificates of civil status (marriage, birth, and death certificates), diplomas, police clearance certificates, and affidavits. Legalization allows an Indonesian document to be used abroad or a foreign document that is attested at the home country of the document to be used in Indonesia.

Please note that legalization procedures include several steps. The Legalization Service of the Consular Section of Indonesian Department of Foreign Affairs legalizes documents issued in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, the authentication or apostille stamp can then be issued by Embassy or the Indonesian Department of Foreign Affairs. It verifies the authenticity of the signature so this document we can use globally. when Indonesian marriage or birth certificates are issued or re-issued for use in another country, ensure that the certificate does not contain the sentence “Specified services certificate”. This means that the certificate can be used only in Indonesian.

GloboPrime can provide Indonesian certificate attestation for UAE and any other country globally.

We assist with commercial document attestation. If you are planning to setup an offshore parent company or setting up a Foreign branch of your company in UAE. The most commonly attested set of documents are Certificate of Incorporation, Board Resolution, Power of Attorney, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Shareholder’s certificate etc.

If you are going to use Indonesian documents overseas, for business or personal reasons, you may need to have them authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta.

If you require documents attested by Indonesian embassy and consular officials in the UAE to be used in another country , the consulate can authenticate the documents. The United Arab Emirates will usually require documents that originate in Indonesia to be legalized prior to them being used in the UAE. 

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Degree Certificate Attestation

Our Certificate attestation services takes your Indonesian degree or diploma and legalizes it for UAE. Let us help you…contact us on …

Indonesian Marriage Certificate Attestation

Need a Indonesian marriage certificate attestation for UAE OR apostilled for any country? Our specialization is just that…contact us on…

Indonesian Birth
Certificate Attestation

Need a Indonesian birth certificate attestation for UAE OR apostilled for any country? Our specialization is just that…contact us on…

Any Other Document Attestation

Need any other Irish document attestation service for UAE OR apostilled for any country? Our specialization is just that…contact us on…

How can GloboPrime help with the Indonesian attestation services?

  • Send us a copy of your certificate
  • We check and confirm if the document is valid and can be attested as per your requirement
  • We provide you a comprehensive service proposal
  • Once approved, we will arrange a courier collection of your certificate
  • We send your document/s to our service partner using a secure courier service
  • We provide regular updates at each step of the attestation
  • Process the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE
  • Deliver your documents

We attest police clearance certificates and/or any document that requires to be used in the UAE.  We provide attestation services from over 93 Countries worldwide and Attestation is sometimes referred to as legalisation. 

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List of Indonesian documents authentication we can assist you with!

Indonesian Educational Certificate Attesatation

  • Indonesian Degree Certificate Attestation
  • Indonesian Diploma Certificate attestation
  • Indonesian B.Tech Certificate attestation
  • Indonesian Nursing Certificate attestation
  • Indonesian PHD Certificate Attestation
  • Indonesian MBA Certificate Attestation
  • Indonesian M.Ed Certificate Attestation

Indonesian Personal Document Attestation

  • Indonesian Experience Certificate
  • Indonesian Marriage Certificate Attestation
  • Indonesian Birth Certificate Attestation
  • Indonesian Death Certificate Attestation
  • Indonesian Medical Certificate Attestation
  • Indonesian PCC Certificate Attestation
  • Indonesian School Transfer Certificate Attestation

Indonesian Commercial Document Attestation

  • Memorandum of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Articles of Association
  • Special Power of Attorney
  • Board Resolution
  • Agency Agreements
  • Power of Attorney
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