Attestation of school transfer certificate in UAE

School transfer certificate is an official letter from the student most recent school / collage which confirms information about their enrollment.If you are applying for your child’s admission in UAE  following documents are required A school application form, copies of the passports of students and parents and their UAE visa pages, Emirates ID, eight passport-size photographs, a copy of the child’s birth certificate attested, their school records for the last two years, immunisation records and a school transfer certificate certificate attestation of the children has to be done. We would require either the original or a retrieved copy from the registrar. The attestation takes place on these originals.

Obtaining an school transfer certificate is a multi-step process and requires Signature, stamp from the School principal’s signature and school stamp Attestation by the Ministry of Education in the current location, this can be done by the country’s Embassy finally Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE, getting a document attested demands expertise and a full understanding of the procedures involved.

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School transfer certificate attestation in UAE

School Transfer Certificate Attestation is a mandatory for taking your kid’s school or collage admissions in UAE, It is a required by the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) to officially register your child at a school in  UAE, the ministry of education law for the admission of a student in any school or college in UAE.

• The school transfer certificate should be typed in English or Arabic, printed on school letterhead, signed by the Principal and have the official school stamp with signature
• Depending on your student school location  school, you may also be required to get the transfer certificate attested
• All transfer certificates must clearly state which year group a student was promoted to at the end of the previous academic year
• Where a child is not transferring within the CBSE Curriculum, please clearly state the equivalent year group within the CBSE curriculum. Please click here for guidance on this Signature, stamp and attestation requirements for the transfer certificate Signature, stamp and attestation requirements are dependent on the location of your child’s current school,

School transfer certificate format

Name of Student:

Student’s Date of Birth:

Student’s Nationality:

Curriculum Studied (IB, British, American, CBSE etc.):

Date of Admission:

Year Group of Admission:

Current Year Group:

Leaving Date:

Reason for Leaving: If the child is leaving at the end of the academic year: Completed Year [Insert Year Group] and has been promoted to Year [Insert Year Group] for the academic year [Insert academic year].

Signed by School Official School Stamp


School Transfer Certificate Apostille Services 

Kindly note the process may vary depending on the document and the laws of the origin & destination country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs may be replaced by an Apostille if the origin or destination countries are part of Hague convention 1961.

Original certificates may not be required for some countries.

Acceptance or rejection of documents is solely based on the discretion of the government authorities concerned. Furthermore, the requirements and processes may vary from time to time depending on the government department’s policies, terms and conditions.

To write an Application TC (Transfer Certificate) from School or Application for Transfer Certificate from School and College, follow the steps below; Write the details of the person(School Principal) who will issue the TC, along with the institute name and address. Mention date. Write subject line

Type of document and the country of document origin determines the process. Some countries allow copies to be attested.

Type of document and the country of document origin determines the process. Some countries allow copies to be attested.

The transfer certificate is provided by the Ministry of Education/KHDA and confirms the same information as required when coming to the UAE. If a child is transferring between Emirates, the certificate does not have to be attested by the MOE and can be obtained directly from the school

MOFA UAE is the final government authority who stamp a non-UAE certificates intended to be used in UAE. It is a mandated step for Equivalency certificate.

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