What is Certificate attestation?

Certificate Attestation is a process that proves your educational as well as non educational documents are genuine. In easy words, it increases the credibility of your documents. The process of certificate attestation process in UAE must be carried out in accordance with the UAE government’s rules and regulations. At Globoprime, we carry out the certificate attestation process on your behalf, whether or not you are physically present in UAE.

Why should I hire a certificate attestation company? Why can’t I do it myself?

We understand that your time is too valuable to run from one department to another for verification. You will lose 72 hours to complete the process on your own, without any assistance. That's apart from the travel to different offices, time taken to locate the concerned authority. With just One call to Globoprime, you can free yourself from the hassle of certificate attestation in dubai and the stress it will cause you.

Why trust Globoprime with your important documents?

GloboPrime based in Dubai, values Customer's time and delivers the best customer experience with easy and simple steps for document attestation from any part of the World.Best Customer Service Our team at Globoprime Dubai is dedicated to provide a high level of service to our customers. Globoprime was incorporated in Dubai, UAE with a vision to provide the best Customer service for certificate attestation for use in UAE. Globoprime provides a Complete solution for your certificate attestation needs anywhere in the world. Experience We have an extensive experience in handling document attestation for individuals and companies. We offer reliable and accurate document attestation. We specialize in certificate attestation & Apostille services in the United Arab Emirates. Our primary goal is to provide high quality attestation services at an affordable price. Our free pickup and delivery at your door step will give you great value for money without even moving you from your couch. We also offer document pick up anywhere in Dubai on weekends so you can spend your weekends unwinding with your family. Skills and expertise Our well trained and skilled staff understands the value of your documents and handles them with care. Moreover, We use the top courier services to send out documents in safe hands.

When do we need Certificate Attestation services in Dubai?

Employment UAE Visa Type of Document: Educational Certificates (Degree/Diploma) and Experience Certificate Attested Certificates are required for obtaining an employment visa in UAE, for the most designations. Higher Education Type of Document: Educational Certificates Attested certificates are required by foreign universities at the time of enrollment. So, if you are seeking to pursue higher education in a foreign country then you will require certificate attestation. Family UAE Visa Type of Document: Marriage certificates Marriage certificate Attestation is required to obtain residence visa for wife, children, in-laws. School Admissions in Dubai Type of Document: School Transfer Certificate In order to get admission in any school in UAE, you must present Transfer Certificate of your child from the previous school. TC attestation is compulsory if you are coming from another country. Immigration Type of Document: Police clearance certificates It is a requirements in some countries. Especially when applying for immigration police clearance certificate is one of the pre requisites. Power of Attorney and other legal documents for companies in Dubai To legally vest power to another person. Equivalency Certificates To get the equivalent certificates if you are planning to migrate to another country. Medical Certificates in UAE To attend MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. of Health) examinations by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians.

Is the Certificate Attestation procedure the same in Dubai for all types of documents?

No, the Certificate Attestation procedure in Dubai is different depending on the type of the document. Educational Documents including diploma, Degree and other higher qualification certificates; and Non Educational may include a variety of certificates including marriage certificate, birth certificates, death certificates, divorce/singleness certificates, medical certificates, experience letter, power of attorney etc. To initiate the procedure, you must check with the UAE embassy whether the documents need to be verified by any other agency in your home country before submitting your documents to the UAE Embassy to avoid rejection and unexpected delays. HOwever, the overall certificate attestation process and requirements remains the same throughout UAE. The attestation is often done in the country of origin first, at the State level, Home Department of States, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and finally the UAE Embassy.

How Long Does The Certificate Attestation Process Take in Dubai?

Usually, the certificate attestation process takes around fifteen to twenty days for the documents to pass from all the departments including Ministry of External Affairs and UAE Embassy. Documents that require HRD or GAD attestation need to be verified by the university first. Although, Attestation/Legalization service procedures are similar in all the countries but duration could vary depending on the Ministry of Foreign affairs, document’s country of origin, and the concerned Embassies. At Globoprime, we are committed to offering efficient certificate attestation services minimizing the duration of the entire process. We give our clients an approximate delivery date. Once we have received the attested documents, we deliver them to your doorstep, free of charge.

If the certificate is laminated what should you do?

Carefully remove the lamination from the certificates making sure we don’t cause any damage to the certificate. The non- laminated area is used for stamping. We recommend that you don’t laminate your certificates at all, as different countries may require different attestations on the certificates and removing the lamination over and over again may damage your valuable certificates.

What supporting documents are required along with the original Certificates to be attested:

1.We shall require Original certificates, 2.The Passport copy of the first two & the last two pages 3.Job Offer Letter & the Valid Visa copy if applicable.

Is Certificate attestation required only in Dubai or all the Emirates in UAE?

No, the requirement for certificate attestation is not only restricted to Dubai, it applies to all the emirates. This is the first concern of all expats coming to UAE. As UAE is not a member of the Hague Convention. Therefore, all the certificates must be attested so they can be used in United Arab Emirates for different purposes. We refer to the process of legalization, authentication, verification and apostille stamping as attestation or authentication.

Are there any discounts available for bulk certificate attestation?

Yes, we offer discounts when you have multiple documents for attestation. We also special discounts to our corporate clients.

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