Certificate Attestation In Dubai

Certificate Attestation In Dubai (FAQ’s)


Why Is Certificate Attestation Required in UAE?

You need certificate attestation to obtain family visa as well as employment visa.

Each type of visa requires a different set of documents to be attested.

How Long Does The Certificate Attestation Process Take?

Which Types Of Documents need attestation before we can use them In Dubai?

Degree/diploma certificate attestation

Marriage Certificate attestation

Birth Certificate Attestation

Divorce Certificate Attestation

What are the Steps taken by a Certificate Attestation company?

Step 1: Pick up of Documents from anywhere in Dubai,

Step 2: Assessing the certificates if they are eligible for attestation,

Step 3: Getting the certificate attestated from the relevant ministry of foreign affairs.

Step 4: Delivery of attested certificates to anywhere in Dubai.

What documents do we need to provide for certificate attestation?

Who needs certificate attestation in Dubai?

Employees need Degree Attestation for employment visa.

Expats need marriage certificate attestation for wife’s visa planing to call their family to Dubai.

Expats need birth Certificate Attestation for Children’s Visa.

Companies need legalization, authentication and verification of their documents.

Do we need certificate attestation for all Emirates or certificate attestation is only required in Dubai.

Do we follow a different procedure for each type of Certificate Attestation?

How can we track our orders?

Are there any discounts  available for bulk certificate attestation?

Why should I hire a certificate attestation company? Why cant I do it myself?