Tips on Getting a Certificate of Attestation in UAE

Getting a certificate attestation in UAE can be quite overwhelming. Some of the attestation service providers literally cannot communicate in English. It is really important to choose the right partner to attest your certificates because your time is precious. If you have to speak & e-mail them, while repeating the same instructions, it’s a total waste of time. Things could even go pear shaped if they cannot understand why you need to attest your certificates.

Here are some tips on how to get a certificate of attestation in UAE:

  •  A scanned copy of your certificate sent to the attestation specialist is a MUST
  • Specify the purpose of the attestation and who needs to see this document (which authority)
  • Specify where the original document is, it is a MANDATORY requirement
  • Passport copy

Certificate attestation in Dubai - Globoprime

It is necessary that the UAE attestation services company sees a scanned copy of your certificate. This can avoid any future disappointment of the certificate not being accepted by Foreign Affairs in the home country or the UAE embassy. Most Europe & UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand certificates do not require updating of any sort. They are freely accepted by the authorities in the origin country & in UAE.

However, the UAE embassy in certain countries like Lebanon, accept only a 3 months back-dated degree certificate.It is important for you to understand from the certificate attestation specialist if they work with direct partners in the country that your document is originally from.

This can be a major spin when it comes to updating you on the status of your attestation. If they are tied up with a local partner who is a wholesaler, chances are your document is one of the hundreds and this then means that you have to wait until documents are dispatched in batches from the origin country.

The upside to this is that if you not in urgent need for your certificate, it would save costs. Dubai attestation services generally have a quicker turnaround time since the physical accessibility to companies and residences for collection and delivery is by far the best in comparison to anywhere in Europe.

If you are walking a tightrope and need the attestation for UAE visa, it is necessary you find a company to cater to your urgent needs. Check the various service options and go for what suits you best.

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