Are you a new job seeker in UAE? Are you just starting your career? Do you know what it takes to land a job in a competitive job market? Do you know what you are lacking?

Here is a quick list of some basic tips to get a head start:

Job Description

The online application process starts from an applicant tracking system and it is screened at a lower HR level where the essential details of that vacant position are somewhat vague.

Evaluate yourself against the job description and ensure the information on your resume accurately showcases yours qualification, experience and skills to match the role and responsibilities of the job opening.

Professional Help

Use free professional services for the job hunt. Visit their premises, drop off your resume and follow up with them often. Get help from professional resume writing service providers if you think you cannot use online sample templates to modify your basic resume.

Online Application

Do you want your quest for the job in U.A.E to end?  Do you rely wholly and solely on online applications? Do you stop after submitting online applications? Do you follow up on your application with the recruitment team of the prospective employer? If yes, then it was definitely will help you stand out to get a personal referral for the hiring manager.

Tell and Sell

A quick summary of yourself and your career accomplishments is your opportunity to sell yourself to the prospective employer. Make the most of the “60-second sell and get the job instantly. Interviews begin with this ‘60 second sell’ question “Tell us about yourself” and that is your moment to use your selling skills and get the job of your choice. Always be prepared with your strengths to show that you are the best pick.



Line up interviews using personal contacts and submitting online applications before arriving in U.A.E to boost your confidence. Networking helps when trying to break into an international market that is automated by online application screening system.

Utilize your connections to get your resume forwarded to the HR manager rather than having it shuffled and eventually lost in the process.

Come Prepared

Have you received any job offers from prospective employers in UAE? Are you thinking of taking up the job? Are your degrees attested?

Before arriving in UAE to end your job search, prepare yourself.

Otherwise, you can get your degrees attested in UAE as long as they are from accredited universities in the US, UK or Canada. Although there are many degree attestation service providers in UAE, GLOBOPRIME is an obvious quick fix as it is a trusted name for degree attestation services at nominal prices.




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